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Latrice Pace


Latrice Pace is an extraordinary talent, seamlessly embodying the roles of Singer-Songwriter, Actress, and Serial entrepreneur. Hailing from Atlanta’s renowned First Family of Gospel, The Anointed Pace Sisters, Latrice was born and raised amidst a rich musical heritage. Her dynamic presence and remarkable versatility have propelled her to heights in the entertainment industry and as an entrepreneur.


In 2011, Latrice’s entrepreneurial spirit led to her establishing Treecie Treats Cupcakery, a venture that quickly gained acclaim for its delectable cakes and treats. Her passion for baking and her unwavering commitment to excellence propelled her to win the prestigious title of Supermarket Superstar on Lifetime, solidifying her position as a formidable force in the culinary world.


Latrice’s journey in the arts extends beyond music and entrepreneurship, as she has devoted 15 years to the world of Urban Theater. Notable theatrical performances such as “Black Nativity,” “Footloose the Musical,” “Pretty Pants Bandit,” and “Ain’t Misbehavin” have showcased her love for the arts and charming stage presence. In 2022, she was honored with the prestigious Suzi Bass Award for Best Ensemble and Best Musical. Currently, she is gracing the stage in the highly anticipated production of “The Wiz Atlanta” at the esteemed True Colors Theatre Company.


Inspired by her mentor, Donald Lawrence, she recognizes the significance of presenting herself as a legitimate and professional entity in all aspects of her life and business. This understanding fueled her passion for supporting other artists, and led to her establishing L. Pace Entertainment, LLC. The company creates opportunities for performers in the arts and entertainment industry. From securing background vocalist roles for artists, to providing acting opportunities in theatrical products, Latrices’ dedication to empowering fellow artists is a passion and dream.


Pace continues her passion through writing. Having penned the self-help workbook, “Be the Change,” and the inspirational guide, “Creating a Life of Consistency at Your Own Pace,” Latrice imparts her wisdom through her thought-provoking works, empowering readers to embark on self-discovery and positive change.


After a four-year hiatus, the wait is finally over for fans eagerly anticipating the return of Singer-Songwriter Latrice Pace. Latrice Pace’s highly anticipated upcoming album, “Exodus: The Journey to Obedience Part 2,” will be released in Summer 2023. This album will continue her musical odyssey to bring solace, happiness, and enlightenment to a world facing tumultuous times. Her unwavering dedication to her artistry, coupled with her profound faith, has propelled her to inspire others and

create a legacy that extends far beyond the confines of the stage.

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